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Here at WD Excavating, we're your go-to company for all your excavating needs and more. When you have a big job that requires leveling your yard or removing a lot of dirt, you need the professionals! And our guys are always ready to take on these challenging tasks. For years, we've been providing clients with quality excavating services in Central and Western Ohio!

But that's a far cry from all we do. Our range of services includes waterline installation, septic tank and system installations, demolition services, land clearing, and more.

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The Earthbuster excavating machine

The "Earth Buster" is a new, revolutionary drainage machine designed to facilitate septic leach fields to absorb water more quickly. Results are immediate becase the hard pan and clay concentrations deep under the leach field are opened. It often eliminates the need to replace a leach field, entirely. The Earth Buster will do the same for wet spots in farmers' fields, home owners gardens and yards --- virtually anywhere water tends to stand longer than desired.

Here at WD Excavating, we have quality employees and modern equipment to take care of your needs.

We house several older pieces of equipment to use when needed. References available. We are bonded and covered by Workman's Comp. We bid work by the hour or by the job.

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Excavating and construction work; it's what we know and it's what we're good at doing. We have the manpower, equipment and skills to clear any plot of land, prep sites, dig holes and perform the services you need!

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As a family-friendly company, you can expect only the best from WD Excavating. We're committed to our customer's satisfaction in everything we do. No job is too big or small; with our team, you're in good hands!

Why Us?
WD Excavating

We know how to take even the biggest jobs and complete them in a timely and cost-effective manner. It's our belief that quality says it all, and that's why we make sure everything we do is done right!

Our Services

  • Septic system installation and repair (Certified by the State of Ohio Health Department)
  • Sub surface drainage installation and repair (tile blowouts, broken tile, etc)
  • Waterway installation and repair
  • Driveway installation and repair
  • Building pads
  • Pond construction, repair and expansion
  • Water line installation and repair
  • Drainage work
  • Land clearing
  • Horse riding arenas and trails
  • Fence row clean-up or removal
  • Demolition
  • Large animal burial

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